Introductory Post

Greetings! This will be my first blog post here, so I guess an introduction is necessary! Now, where do I begin…

My name is David Alizadeh, and around a week ago I had a conversation with my sister Saideh who suggested that I start a blog. At first, I was aversive to the idea but as we spoke she began to convince me. One of the main reasons why I finally decided to start blogging was the same reasons why I started my first blog (yup, I have had a blog before!). Namely, I want to improve my writing skills, and my ability to communicate through my writing. It is an incredibly important skill to have, so it is something that I want to actively cultivate.

What will I write about?

Basically, anything that I want! This will range from my daily activities, books that I am reading, films that I have watched, entrepreneurship, quotes, news, exercise, food, and lots more! However, I am sure that as I continue blogging I will start to narrow that list down.

Hope you all enjoying reading! 🙂


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